About me, the weblog and other things…

So, you want to know some things about me? Okay, here we go!

I was born in Dresden, a quite big city in Germany. One year after “The Wall” fell down an set us free, I started to go to school, just as every child which is going to become seven years old…

Caused by the knowledge I got during my time with my beloved grandparents I was already able to read, write, do maths .. and tell the time by taking a short look at a clock. Guess they thought “Hey, he must be a genius”… Derps!  😀

Years have passed by, I started a carreer as a Call Center Agent (only to find out that it’s not what I want to do all my life), came back to my learned roots (I’m an electrician, baby!) and travel around Germany to do my job.

Anything else you want to know? Okay, then take a look at my German personal Webpage.


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