Virginity? It’s OVER!!

Yeah, this is it! My first weblog entry on THIS page!!! But WTH did it take so long??

Well, it is not that I didn’t want to post something new on this page. I just did not find the time to do so. But finally, on this easter days, I was able to recover (and remov all the dust and dirt) this good ol’ account!

So .. what could I write down here? Well, this page was planned to be the english version of my own web page/project, which keeps running since … oh my, I don’t know .. severeal years by now.

It has everything anyone needs: a guest book, all necessary informations, the ability to open a webchat (YAY) … and is running some “special services”. If you want more informations on these services, just contact me here, over there or somewhere else in the WWW.

Wow, that’s it for now. Hope to find more time in the upcoming weeks. So, keep an eye on me and this blog .. who knows: some day it might be really biiig! ….. Oookay, guess you heard someone laughing veeery loud just right now .. it was me! 😉

cheers, the one and only
g00fy (with double-zero!!)


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